Patrick Giovanniello – President
Beginning his career in 1980 as a production assistant and staging grip, Patrick swiftly worked his way through the ranks the old-fashioned way; through hard work and experience in every corner of the events business, when Patrick founded VCI, he literally had the firsthand knowledge of the most complex or the simplest of events.
At VCI, this unique skill set gives us the ability to meet and surpass our client’s objectives…every time. Whether it is a custom built set, working with different unions and in different countries, getting equipment shipped on time and within budget (logistics), developing a mind blowing experience in a ballroom, customized set design and build-outs, or finding the right technology for the right client, you will begin to understand the VCI difference.
Built solidly on a foundation of seasoned expertise, out-of-the-box inventive thinking, an understanding of the latest technology choices, and a commitment to customer service that is unparalleled in the industry. That’s why we continue to have long-term relationships with many of our clients…sometimes for decades!
“It boils down to this…I’ve seen the best and worst through the years. So when I started VCI, I decided to create a company I would be proud to hire if I was in the hiring position. Our foundational philosophy of commitment and service makes VCI second to none. And I stand by that every single day.”
Experience the VCI difference for yourself…Creative Driven by Technology.


Greg Ryan – VP of Operations

Greg has been with VCI Worldwide for the past  four years.  In his time at VCI Worldwide, and the event industry he has PM, PSM, SM, and TDed over 100 events.  With clients including, the Yankees, United Way, UNCF, Verizon, MasterCard, Bloomberg Corporation, Alzheimer’s Association, and many others.  In his other life, Greg is an equity Stage Manager, and has worked Off-Broadway in the NYC scene, as well as several regional theaters.


Deborah Botelho – Account Executive

Deborah is a seasoned sales professional with more than twenty years of experience.
She has worked in diverse industries with leading organizations in Food Distribution, Interior Landscaping, Security, and Energy Efficiency, before joining our team at VCI Worldwide.
Deborah not only brings with her the expertise and knowledge of being a professional sales executive, her dynamic, energetic personality is a winning combination for success.


Todd Shoman – Hardware/Software Engineering & Media Artist

Todd’s approach is a combination of disciplines: understanding of computer science, editing systems, animation packages, and broadcast equipment are the complement to his artistic nature. Our technology driven creative approach to each client’s project means that Todd’s input is at the heart of every theme, concept or solution we propose…and his ideas are always winners.

“My process is the same as any artist who is mixing colors on a palette, except I’m painting with pixels and sound. My canvasses are wide-screens and my brushes and palletes are Media Servers, After Effects, 3ds Max and Maya”


VCI Staff

Steve Williams – Shop Manager

Atum Ra Plummer- Assistant Shop Manager

Anthony DiCaprio-  Graphics & Video Playback/ Watchout Specialist

Maria Barba- Project Manager