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Staging Services

• Custom Wide Screens


• Set Design


• Truss Designs, Creative Shapes & Designs


• Stretch Material Shape’s, Stock & Custom Designs


• High Resolution Print Mock-up’s


• Product Reveal, Kabuki Drop & Turn Tables


• Set Renderings


• Interactive Kiosks

    Staging is a key factor in presenting the right idea, but delivering it with the best platform and technology is what makes VCI stand out. It is rich and organic to our process, from the right stage, to customized build outs, to the right audio/visual equipment, we make a personal commitment to be there every step of the way with the best professionals who understand and know the equipment.

• Intelligent Lighting


• Conventional Lighting


• LED Lighting

  • Line Array Systems

  • Systems for smaller venues and Breakout Rooms


  • Back Line for Live Entertainment


  • General Sessions, Panel Discussions


  • Wireless Microphones


  • Wired and Wireless Headsets


  • Communications


  • MP3 Digital Recording

• High Definition Packages


• Camera Switching Packages


• Image Magnification (I-Mag)


• Record Systems, to Digital File


• Jib Camera Systems

• Dataton Watchout                         Programming & Playback


• PowerPoint Programming & Playback


• High Definition Video Playback


• Digital Playback Systems – Direct from File


• Audience Response Systems (ARS)

• High Definition Video Projection


• 2.5mm 4K LED Wall Systems


• Folsom High Resolution Switching


• Webcast & Satellite Up & Down Link

• Technical Planning and                 Management


• Consultations


• Drafting, Floor Plans and            



• Site Survey


• Hotel Liaison (all A\V & power related requirements)


• Location Setup & Labor               Management

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